America’s Third War of Independence

By Paul Clark America is on its way to its third self-inflicted war. In the revolution of 1776-1783, the British monarchy, in its stubborn arrogance, would not compromise with our great-grandfather colonial subjects on taxes or parliamentary representation, and the result was a disaster. American colonists were fed up from decades of tyranny. Had theContinue reading “America’s Third War of Independence”

“Because YOU’RE HERE!”

By Lani Rinkel One hundred and sixty years ago, the South voted to secede the Union of their grandfathers. Reasons for secession were varied and many, but primarily financial; and did not happen overnight. The states did not leave the Union at the same time, nor on the same day, but one by one. TheContinue reading ““Because YOU’RE HERE!””

Rebel is a Sacred Name

Reposted from the Virginia Flaggers A song written by a Confederate inmate of the old Capitol Prison, Washington DC, during the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865) Rebel is a sacred name; Traitor, too, is glorious; By such names our father’s fought— By them were victorious. Chorus—Gaily floats our rebel flag Over hill and valley— BroadContinue reading “Rebel is a Sacred Name”

The War for Slavery, Woke Style

By Paul Clark What people see and hear today from their woke peers, teachers and parents, they believe, is gospel truth – especially if they’re young and easily influenced. There is an incessant race to get woke before enough grown ups find out it’s really Marxism. Today, all of us see and hear about theContinue reading “The War for Slavery, Woke Style”

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