Camp Photos and Galleries


Reburial Ceremony of Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill, Jan. 21, 2023 – Fairview Cemetery, Culpeper, Va.

Turner Ashby Camp 1567 compatriots and reenactors participated in the Confederate procession and were in attendance at the ceremony to honor Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill and his family.

Lee-Jackson Day, Jan. 13-14, 2023 – Lexington, Va.

Turner Ashby Camp 1567 had the honor as the lead color guard for the parade through Lexington. A large crowd of over 500 people came to celebrate Lee and Jackson!


2022 Frederick County Fair, Stephenson, Va.

2021 Clarke County Fair, Berryville, Va., and Battle of Cedar Creek, Belle Grove, Va.

Confederate Memorial Day, June 6, 2021 — Mt. Hebron, Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Va.

Confederate Memorial Day, June 6, 2020

Southern Cross Dedication, August 2020

Christmas Wreaths at Stonewall Cemetery, Dec. 2019

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