Clarke County Confederate Memorial

The Clarke County Courthouse with the Confederate Memorial to soldiers of the 6th VA Cavalry and 2nd VA Infantry Regiments.
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Below is the inscription and list of names on the memorial. Three sides of the monument’s base bear the names of deceased soldiers who called Clarke County home.

Sixth Virginia Cavalry Regiment:

D.H. Allen, C.G. Shumate, William Moore, G.L. Ashby, Jonah Bell, James Bell, J. Barbee, Thaddeus Baney, M. Calmes, W. Gibson, T. Grady, J. Dearmont, W.M. Hite, F. Hite, W.T. Hammond, W. Janney, J. Lindsay, F. Moore, J. Milbourne, P.C. Mitchell, R. Mitchell, D.C. Morgan, B. Russell, G.H. Shumate, T. Smith, L. Swartz Weeder, T. Timberlake, P.T. Topper, C. Whiting

2nd Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade:

W.W. Randolph, N. Burwell; Company C: R.C. Randolph, D. Keeler, S.T. Grubbs, W.C. Copenhaver, J. Debtor, L. Dishman, P. Grubbs, D. Kerfoot, A. Parkins, J. Puller, J. Reardon, C.H. Richards, J. Ritter, J. Welch, G.W. Whitter, F.B. Wilson; Company 1: A.S. Allen, T. Barr, S.E. Bonhan, W. Brabham, J. Broy, G. Beach, C.D. Castleman, J. Davis, J.J. Dobbin, J. Dougherty, J. Fuller, J. Gill, J. Gearing, E. Hall, D. Mercer, J. Murphy, G. Patterson, C. Riley, E.M. Ritter, G. Riggle, W.C. Shepherd, G. Wheeler, J.K. Willingham

Other Commands: H.M. Nelson, W. Hay, R.P. Burwell, T. Alexander, N. Anderson, G. Ashby, G.N. Barnett, J. Carter, W. Castleman, J. Carroll, M. Copenhaver, C.L. Deahl, G. Elliot, J. Everhart, J. Feltner, W. Green, J.S. Keene, W. Moreland, A. Warts, E. Pendleton, W.B. Page, B. Randolph, T.F. Royston, J.W. Smith, W.M. Shumate, W.M. Sowers, A. Shores, M. Taylor, G. Thompson, J. Vorous, C. Wiley

This photograph was taken by William Tipton at his studio at Devil’s Den on July 4, 1913 at the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. All of the Confederates were members of the J.E.B. Stuart United Confederate Veterans Camp in Berryville, Clarke County, Virginia.

From left to right (bottom row):
Two Grand Army of the Republic men; Peter Fuqua, Company D, 1st Virginia Infantry (Williams Rifles); John William Carlyle (Carlisle), Company A (Potomac Guards), 33rd Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade) and Company E, 18th Virginia Cavalry (Imboden’s Brigade);
Grand Army of the Republic man; Lieutenant Robert Owen Allen, Company D (Clarke Cavalry), 6th Virginia Cavalry (Laurel Brigade); John R. (“Doc”) Shipe, Company I (Clarke Rifles), 2nd Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade); John Thomas Willingham, Company A, 39th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Richardson’s Battalion of Scouts, Guides and Couriers), Company A (Rockingham Cavalry), 6th Virginia Cavalry (Laurel Brigade) and Company C, 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry (Mosby’s Rangers); J. C. Rutherford, Company E, 10th Virginia Cavalry (1st Cavalry Regiment, Wise Legion); John W. Grubbs, Company I (Clarke Rifles), 2nd Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade);

From left to right (top row):
D. B. Morrison, Company G , 7th Virginia Cavalry (Ashby’s Cavalry/Laurel Brigade);
Captain Jacob Warden, 1st Lieutenant Co. F, 7th Virginia Cavalry (Ashby’s Cavalry/Laurel Brigade) also 23rd Virginia Cavalry (Imboden’s Brigade) and, Captain Company I, 18th Virginia Cavalry (Imboden’s Brigade); John Gaunt, citizen; John Shackleford, citizen.

Photo Courtesy of the Clarke County Historical Society

Above Photo: Clarke Cavalry Survivors Reunion, Clarke County, ca. 1885-1890, group seated and standing in front of a brick house, with front porch. Porch draped in banners. Elderly man in center rear of group holding a Confederate battle flag. Young girl and boy in center front. 29 veterans and 2 children in photo. (possibly Ammi Moore’s on W. Main St.). [NOTE: This picture in front of John Opie’s 1899 book “A Rebel Cavalryman”, so definitely pre-1899. Mr. Opie member of Clarke Cavalry. The Assoc. met at Mr. Moore’s home

Roster of Jeb Stuart Camp UCV from 1891 to 1916

Picture from the Clarke County Historical Society

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