Association of the Survivors of the Clarke Cavalry – Berryville, Virginia

The •Surviving members of the “Clarke Cavalry” Company D, 6th Regiment Virginia Cavalry. Taken around 1916-1918. Courtesy the Clarke County Historical Society.

Are you a descendant of one of the men on the list below? If you are, or know someone who is, please get in touch with us – email:

The names of the members of the Association:
Allen, David H.

Allen, Robert Owen
Anderson, John
Bell, J.W.
Berkely, Carter
Blackburn, J.S.
Brabham, C.H.
Calmes, Fielding
Carson, John R.
Castleman, Mann R.P.
Castleman, R.H.
Chew, R. Preston (Colonel)
Crow, John T.
Davis, Albert F.
Davis, Eugene
Davis, Richard T.
Deahl, Horace P.
Everhart, James B.
Hammond, William T.
Hardesty, Charles W.
Harley, W.H.H.
Harris, George
Hunter, Taliaferro
Johnson, J.M.
Kennerly, Joseph McK.
Kitchen, John N.
Kneller, Jacob S.
Kneller, Lewis C.
Larue, C.C.
Larue, J.J.
Larue, W.A.
Lewis, H.L.D.
Lewis, Robert
Lomax, Lunsford (Gen.)
Mason, George
Mason, Joseph
McCormick, Cyrus
McGuire, Burwell
Meade, David Jr.
Meade, Jennie S. Lewis
Michie, Henry B.
Milton, W.T.
Moore, Ammishaddai Jr.
Moore, Nicholas
Morgan, William C.
Opie, H.L.
Page, A.C.
Payne, William H. (Gen.)
Pendleton, Dudley D.
Plaster, George E.
Powers, Philip H.
Riely, W.A.
Ritter, George
Russell, Thomas J.
Shepherd, Champ
Shepherd, George C.
Shepherd, Joseph H.
Shumate, Thomas
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, J. Rice
Smith, Warren C.
Steele, Stewart
Steptoe, George
Taylor, William
Thompson, James H.
Topper, ____(Private)
Trenary, Benjamin
Waller, R. Page (Mrs.)
Ware, J.S.
Watson, James
Wheat, Joseph N.
White, John R.
Wigginton, James
Williams, Leroy E.

The list of the men on the Clarke County Confederate Memorial.

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