Rebel is a Sacred Name

Reposted from the Virginia Flaggers

A song written by a Confederate inmate of the old Capitol Prison, Washington DC, during the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865)

Rebel is a sacred name;

Traitor, too, is glorious;

By such names our father’s fought—

By them were victorious.

Chorus—Gaily floats our rebel flag

Over hill and valley—

Broad its bars, and bright its stars,

Calling us to rally.

Washington a rebel was,

Jefferson a traitor,—

But their treason won success,

And made their glory greater.


O’er our southern sunny strand

Vandal feet are treading;

And the Hessians on our land

Devastation spreading.


Can you then inactive be?

Maidens fair are saying;

And their bright eyes shame us out

With this long delaying.


Rouse ye, children of the free,

Rally to our streamer;

The vandal flag floats o’er our land,—

Awaken, Southern dreamer!


Rebel arms shall win the fight,

Rebel prayers defend us;

Rebel maidens greet us home,

When tyrants no more rend us.


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